Dr Cathy Swan

Dr Cathy Swan graduated with a Ph.D. from the University of California at Los Angeles with a specialty in Space Policy. Her dissertation topic dealt with impact of long duration spaceflight and the stresses placed upon travellers. A highlight of her Air Force career was a tour in the Management Department of the USAF Academy. She retired as a Colonel after 30 years of service. In 1989 she established the Center for Arms Control and Technology Assessment in Washington D.C. to deal with the tremendously complex world of satellite operations and arms control and treaty verification.
She has continued to be active in her career field with consulting and as president of SouthWest Analytic Network, Inc. She has authored many papers and books, and her latest books as co-author are: The Impact of Space Activities upon SocietyNational Security Space Strategy ConsiderationsSpace Elevators Systems Architecture, Space Elevator Survivability – Space Debris Mitigation & Space Elevator Concept of Operations, and Space Mineral Resources, A Global Assessment of the Challenges and Opportunities. In 1994 she joined the Phoenix Art Museum as a docent where she does technical support for docent activities. She has since established herself as a Master Docent and the “go-to” person for questions on how to successfully use technology to display art.