Dr Peter Swan

President of Space Elevator Consortium

Dr Peter Swan is a champion for the space elevator infrastructure concept. He was the lead editor for the International Academy of Astronautics’ study “Space Elevators: An Assessment of the Technological Feasibility and the Way Forward [2013].” He has more than 40 years’ of space systems engineering expertise, which is helping the space elevator community reach towards the future. He has built space systems, such as the IRIDIUM constellation, and taught space systems engineering all around the world. He has had many publications and five books published, including Space Elevator Systems Architecture. The complexities, not to mention the costs, involved in building a tethered space elevator are great, however, as Dr Swan will explain, this concept could save billions of dollars in the long run, not to mention being safer and better for the environment. As a regular face within the wider space community, Dr Swan is regarded as an inspiring and extremely knowledgeable expert with the ability to offer profound insights into almost every area of the space sector. His Ph.D. studies centred around space tethers and their dynamics during the early years of excitement about asymmetric spacecraft. Over the last ten years he has contributed greatly to the space elevator community and to the growing and ever more widespread international interest in the concept and viability of a space elevator. In his spare time, he chooses to relax by playing the occasional round of golf or going scuba diving.