Mohammed Al Harmi

MBRSC Director of Space Operations

Mohammed Al Harmi is part of the original team of engineers who made the journey to stay in South Korea for nearly a decade, returning with the knowledge and experience necessary to pass on to the next generations and to drive the space sector in the UAE forward. Mohammed is now the Director of Space Operations, and he oversees the management of the two MBRSC satellites currently in orbit of the Earth, DubaiSat-1 and DubaiSat-2. His work has seen DubaiSat-2 capture some of the most detailed imagery of the UAE from above ever seen. He also completed a stunning picture of the Full Moon, captured by DubaiSat-2. This image involved a delicate manoeuvre of the satellite to perform a 180-degree change in the angle of the camera.
Mohammed graduated from the American University of Dubai in Software Engineering, and then while in South Korea working on DubaiSat-2, he also gained his Masters in Aerospace Engineering. Currently Mohammed manages the team responsible for processing the thousands of images DubaiSat-2 sends back. He is also leading the ground segment development for KhalifaSat and is taking the role of systems engineer for the ground segment of the Emirates Mars Mission, which will launch to the Red Planet in 2020, arriving in 2021, where it will begin to send back imagery and data on the Martian lower and upper atmosphere. It is hoped this data will provide humanity with more insight into why Mars’ atmosphere has deteriorated such a lot over thousands of years.