Dr. Sara Al Maeeni

Sara Al Maeeni is an expert in space communications and research, and joined the team at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre in 2016. One of the next generation of Emirati experts in the field of space science and communications, Sara joined the centre having completed her Masters and then PhD at Khalifa University in Electrical and Computer Engineering. She currently works to improve the existing space engineering technologies and develop new satellite equipment and products at the space centre, as well as collaborating with external research and development institutes to disseminate knowledge in the UAE.
Her predominant areas of expertise are in error correction codes, satellite communications, cooperative communications, vehicle-to-vehicle communications, channel estimation, MIMO communications, non-coherent system, OFDM, and space time-frequency coding. During her studies, particularly while completing her PhD, Sara was able to visit different institutions overseas to gain experience and insight in to how communications are handled at some of the most advanced organisations in the world. She has visited England, Japan and Greece over the course of the last two years to conduct research on methodology. Sara is one of the growing number of young Emirati women who are making a real contribution to the progress of the nation, and to driving the UAE towards reaching its target of the establishment of a future economy based upon science, technology, creativity and knowledge.